Merge and Delete a Duplicate Contact


Step 1: Click the CRM tab on the top of the screen. Click Contacts. In this example, I am going to delete a contact because it is a duplicate.


Step 2: Click the downward arrow, click Delete Contact.


Step 3: If you receive an error window stating that this Contact has investments, distributions, and/or profiles associated with them, click Close. This would be a good time to use our Merge Contact feature.


Step 4: Choose the contact that you would like to merge another contact with. The contact that you choose will be the Master Profile. Click the downward arrow. Click Merge Contact.


Step 5: Choose the Merging Profile. Click Continue to Preview.


Step 6: If each contact has a CRM field populated, the Master Profile’s information will stay. If you approve the field/value information, click Merge.


Now all investments, distributions, and CRM data will be compiled within the Merged contact.

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