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I'm Getting a 404 Error, What Do I Do? - PDF

I'm Getting a 404 Error, What Do I Do?
(Updated 02/07/2018)

So, you have a 404 Error…


Chances are, you were going through the Investment Wizard. Please make sure there is a document coded for DocuSign. Be sure to verify that this document is coded correctly with your Customer Success Manager. Also make sure the coded document is loaded to the published class and that it’s marked for DocuSign.

To check that you have a document marked for DocuSign, click Equity and then click Project Summary. Click the arrow next to your desired project.


Click View Documents.


Navigate through your desired Project/Class names. Upload the coded PDF for DocuSign with the Upload Document button at the top.


Drag and drop or browse for the desired file. Check the box next to Use document with DocuSign. Click Upload.


If your document was already uploaded but not marked for DocuSign, click the arrow next to the document. Click Mark for DocuSign.


You will see two checkmarks noting the document is marked for DocuSign.


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