🎬 Investor Profile Connections


Connections in the CRM allow other parties to place investments on behalf of another contact and also share all communications with this party. This is useful for investors who have another person assist in managing their investments such as a spouse, accountant or administrative role. 

Step by Step:

From the admin dashboard, go to CRM dropdown menu and select contacts > type in name of investor you want to add connections for > go to connections tab. Click add connection and type in the name > input any responsible parties and select if you'd like to share connections with this profile > select save


Entities - this is another investment vehicle that the investor can use to make an investment with

Contacts - other individuals who have access to the investor’s profile, such as a CPA, financial planner, or anyone you want to give access to this profile

Relationship Managers are someone internally that you can input for the investor to have primary/secondary contact with

Responsible Parties - they have the authority to place investments for this investor

Share Communications - this connection will copy the shared contacts all email communications from IMS. You can choose which communications you want shared with this connection including any or all of the following: Confirmed Investment Notifications, Commitment Notifications, Capital Call Notifications, Distribution Investor Notifications, Email Correspondence, and Document Notifications. 

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