Invite Investors to Portal

How to Send Invitations to Investors

Step 1: Click the CRM tab and then click Contacts. Here, you will see a list of all contacts that have been added to the system. Note the Status column will display either 1) Waiting (meaning contact has not received an invitation), 2) Invited (meaning the invitation has been sent, but the contact has not created their password to login), 3) Invited (Expired) (meaning that the contact has received an invitation but for security purposes, the invitation email link has expired after one week), 4) Active (meaning the contact has successfully logged in), or 5) Accepted (meaning the contact confirmed the invitation email but have not signed in).


Step 2: To invite one contact, select the dropdown button next to their name. Click Invite to Investor Portal. To invite multiple contacts, select the check box next to their names and then click Bulk Actions > Invite to Investor Portal at the top. If you would like to invite all contacts, click the Select All checkbox at the top, then click Bulk Actions > Invite to Investor Portal. Click Send Invite. *Note: when selecting multiple contacts, please make sure to wait for the popup to load invitation details and click Send Invite, otherwise invitations will not be sent.

invitation_2.png  invitation_3.png


Select all option shown below:




Note: You may see messaging about contacts that are not able to be invited (see image above).

All invited contacts will receive an invitation to create their passwords (see screenshot below).


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