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Entities Tab Walkthrough

Step 1: Click on the Entities tab on the left side panel. To add a new entity, click + Add Entity at the top right. 


Step 2: Complete the necessary fields. Note: The Taxpayer ID Number is used in our K-1 Bulk Uploader tool and will need to be populated if that tool will be used. Click Save.


Step 3: If you are planning on using our NACHA file creation functionality or receiving payments from investors, make sure to add a bank account in the Bank Accounts tab. Click + Add Bank Account.


Step 4: Complete the required fields. The top Bank Account section is for the bank that you would like incoming money sent to (Ex: Investments). The ACH Information section towards the bottom is for any money being sent out (Ex: Distributions/NACHA). Click Save.



The newly added bank account will be added to the list.


The newly added Entity added to the list.


Step 5: To export entity information, click Export by Investment at the top right.


Step 6: Choose the desired categories to export. Click Email Export.


Step 7: A secure email will be sent to your inbox. Click the link to download the file. Note the email link will expire in 4 hours.


Step 8: To Edit an existing entity or export that specific entity’s information, click the option button to the left of that entity.



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