Step 1: Click on the Entities tab on the left side panel. To add a new entity, click + Add Entity at the top right. 


Step 2: Complete the necessary fields. Note: The Tax ID Number is used in our K-1 Bulk Uploader tool and will need to be populated if that tool will be used. The type of Tax ID is also required to be chosen. Click Save.


Step 3: If you are planning on using our NACHA file creation functionality or receiving payments from investors, make sure to add a bank account in the Bank Accounts tab. Click + Add Bank Account.


Step 4: Complete the required fields. The top Bank Account section is for the bank that you would like incoming money sent to (Ex: Investments). The ACH Information section towards the bottom is for any money being sent out (Ex: Distributions/NACHA). Click Save. For more details on NACHA setup see NACHA Setup.



The newly added bank account will be added to the list.


The newly added Entity added to the list.


Step 5: To export entity information, click Export by Investment at the top left.


Step 6: Choose the desired categories to export. Click Email Export.


Step 7: A secure email will be sent to your inbox. Click the link to download the file. Note the email link will expire in 4 hours.


Step 8: To Edit an existing entity or export that specific entity’s information, click the option button to the left of that entity.



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