🎬 Transfer Investments (100%)

Step by Step:

Locate the investment that you would like to transfer and click on the arrow to the left of the investor’s name. Choose Transfer Investment from the drop-down menu.

The system displays an alert to remind you that the effective date of the transfer MUST fall after the end date of the last distribution to the existing investor to ensure distribution calculations are not affected.

Enter the transfer date and effective date. Then choose your recipient. This is a transfer and I’d like to transfer 100% of John’s ownership to Allison.

You have the option to choose how to handle the distribution. In this example, I’d like Allison to receive the entire next distribution on this investment. If the transfer occurred in the middle of a period, you may choose to have the funds go to John and Allison pro rata according to how long they each owned the investment.

Click on the Generate Preview button. This preview shows the original ownership of each investor participating in the investment, the change, and their new ownership along with the note that displays in the investor activity log.

The yellow box shows you a preview of how the investment will be represented in the cap table. The options are the original investment amount, or the investment net any returns of capital. To change this, click on Platform Preferences. Note that making this change will require you to enter your transfer over again.

Now that you have entered my information, hit save. We can see the transfer represented on the cap table with these arrows.

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