This video will go over how to export a NACHA file for your bank.

Step by Step

First, you should click on Projects in the top menu then choose Project List. Next search for the Project you want to work with. Navigate to the Entity that is issuing the distribution and then click on the Distributions tab.

If you need to run a new distribution, click on the Add Distribution Batch button. Choose the waterfall you’d like to run (return of capital) and the distribution type (return of capital). Enter the period start and end dates as well as the distribution send date. You can use the Unpaid Pref button to have the system calculate the unpaid pref for the time frame that you specified. And choose the bank account that you would like to use to pay the distributions. Then hit save.

The system will bring you into the batch details page where you can review the calculated distributions then send for approval. A Distribution Batch must be marked “Ready to Distribute” to export the NACHA file. If the batch is “Pending Approval” then the export is not available. Now that my batch is ready to distribute, you can click on Export and NACHA is an option.


Export to NACHA is only supported for Distributions with an ACH bank account. In this case the NACHA failed because none of the investors are set up to received distributions via ACH.

If you go to a project that you know has distributions going via ACH, this distribution will be marked as a “Draft”, so we need to approve it. Now that it is “Ready to Distribute” you should be able to export NACHA. If you cannot export a NACHA, it may be because there is not an ACH account selected.

Once a distribution batch is “Ready to Distribute” and has investors receiving their payment through ACH, you can click on Export and Export NACHA is an option. The system downloads a text file. Once this is ready to go to the bank, we can mark the distribution as sent.


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