Update Project Tile Information


You may want to edit the information on a project tile after it has been published. You can add or edit information on each individual tile by following these steps:

Click on Projects, then Project Summary. Select the Project you wish to edit.


Click on the applicable Project and Class. Click on the “…” action button of the class. Click Edit Sales Offering.


The Editor tab contains options to publish and display the offering, modify the offering name, input the expected investment term, projected rate of return, and projected cash on cash. The Funded Percentage at which to display the funding progress option will eliminate the Funded Percentage on the deal tile until it reaches the threshold you determine. (Ex: if you add 25, the Funded Percentage will only appear after the deal is at least 25% funded.)



The Escrow tab is where you can add escrow, check, wire, and bank information.

The Tile Info tab provides options to show the estimated close date and total equity on the project tile. It also has fields for custom status and tile text.




The Offering Details tab displays options for the asset’s Acquisition Date and Price as well as display the campaign’s Target Amount and Equity.

Here, there are three content sections where a title and paragraph can be added. There is also an option to display a map and/or property details. If your project is in Fund Status, you can choose to Enable Sponsor Information. Below are fields for Enabling Asset Management Fee with a Hold Period, and an option for additional details including average return, equity raised, region, etc. Click Save.



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