Investor Profile Connections

How to Add Multiple Contacts to An Investor Profile

Step 1: Click the CRM tab on the top of the screen. Click Contacts. Click + Add Contact at the top right. If you want to connect a contact to an existing profile, skip to Step 3.


Step 2: Choose the Investor Type (options include Individual, Joint Account, Entity, Self Directed IRA, Trust). Complete the required fields. If you would like to include a Responsible Party or an Additional Investment Entity (if applicable), add the desired party. If you choose to link a responsible party/investment entity, you can check if you would like to share all communications with this profile. You can modify these options in the Connections tab within a contact’s profile. Click Save.

Responsible Party: Has full dashboard and document access as well as the ability to update profile information and place an investment within IMS.


Step 3: If you added a responsible party, that user will be connected with the newly added contact. To add more connections, make sure you are on the contact’s Connections tab. Click Add Connection next to the section “Contacts with access to [contact name]’s profile."


Step 4: Choose the desired profile. Check the box if you would like to add this contact as a responsible party for this profile (if not, contact will be View Only). Toggle share communication options if needed. Click Save.


Step 5: You will see your newly connected contact in the list.


Step 6: If you would like to add a Relationship Manager (any internal Team Member) to this contact, click Add Connection under the Relationship Managers section.


Step 7: Choose the Team Member as the Relationship Manager, choose the Relationship (Primary or Secondary), then choose the Relationship Manager Tags (Relationship Manager, Asset Manager, Advisor, Investor Relations, Broker). Click Save.


You’ll see the Relationship Manager added to the list.


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